Digital Transformations & A Product Approach

For teams and companies is looking to adopt a product / customer centric approach David is available to meet with you, interview your teams for readiness and work with you to create an incremental adoption plan that is results driven and iterated on with you.

Coaching & Consulting

If you are looking for someone to work with a team, program, or portfolio, David has years of experience help small co-located teams and large distributed programs learn to adapt faster through product and customer-centric approaches.

Speaking and Presentations

David has keynoted conferences of all types around the world. If you are looking for a story teller ready to share real world examples and ideas based in experience, David is available for keynotes, conferences sessions, private conferences, workshops and more. For examples, check out the presentations page. 

Courses and Workshops

David is available to teach shorter (ad-hoc) workshops or longer (more formal) courses focused on product and service design, customer-centric learning, and lean UX. David is open to on site teaching as well as remote teaching.

Making and Producing

David started his digital career making products and showing them to customers to learn more quickly what people really need. He is now working with various companies on product design and development and is open to all sort of engagements.